A Day at the Bad Kitty Headquarters

 The greatest thing about working at the Bad Kitty® Headquarters is that every day is a new adventure.

I never know what challenges I am going to face when I head into the office, but I always know that I’ll never be bored. Below I’ve described your cast of characters at the Phoenix, Arizona Bad Kitty® Headquarters. Please note that we have other family members in different locations (such as Mina Mortezaie, Claire Griffin Sterrett, and Pete Wendt, all of whom are described below), and that the family members described here only account for the Arizona BK fam!

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First of all, there are Jack and Trisha. Jack is our CEO, and he always has a new idea to discuss or new adventure that he wants to take us all on. He is the company’s visionary— he looks into our future and tries to steer us in the best direction possible. Jack is an amazing leader, but he does have two vices: Dunkin Donuts iced coffee and not taking his trash out.

Trisha is our leader in the day-to-day operations of the company. She always shows up with big smile on her face, and she will either be wearing something sparkly or something with a cat or a cupcake on it. Trisha has more energy than a college student on Red Bull, and thank the universe for that! She keeps the office morale up and makes sure that our manufacturing warehouse runs like a well-oiled machine.   Trisha is also a web genius. She is currently building a new website for the company from scratch. To top off her awesome-ness, she wears an amazing back support bra (pictured) to keep her back from hunching over while typing. Health & wellness always comes first here at the Bad Kitty® Headquarters!

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Tommy is our Director of Sales. You can catch him in his office with the blinds down and all the lights off. Being a man of peace and solitude, Tommy adorns his space with plants and cool, neutral colors. He is also incredibly tidy— Tommy shares Jack’s love of Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, but you won’t catch Tommy piling those cups up in his office (well, not on most days)! That is why he was so upset on his birthday when we wrapped his desk in tin foil…. :) Tommy is all business and very serious. He always puts his client’s needs first, and we love him for that!

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Tresnae is our Director of Operations and our office manager. Not only does she look after all of the pre-orders our wholesale customers place, but she also looks after all of us! Tresnae keeps our office feeling like a family. Whenever someone has a birthday, Tresnae will be at the headquarters early to decorate their office and make sure they feel fabulous on their special day! She is definitely the glue that holds our little family together, and she is also the girly-girl of the office! I can count the times that Trisha and I have actually worn full makeup to the office on one hand, but you won’t catch Tresnae without her hair done and her makeup looking fabulous! She picks up the “girl slack” for Trisha and I.

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Benny is our Vendor Liaison. Anything that we use or sell that isn’t made in our warehouse— Benny is the go-to guy. Benny also heads up our quality control department. He is the master of PoleFit® inspection! Sometimes, I tell Benny that he looks like Dan Bilzerian because of his luscious beard. He doesn’t like this very much though, because apparently Dan Bilzerian is really short. So, to keep the record straight, I will tell you with all honesty that at 5’11,’’ Benny is much taller than Dan Bilzerian! Can you tell which picture is Benny and which is Dan?

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Alex is our shipping master/PC genius. He does the job of ten people, and makes sure that all of your packages arrive to you safely! Born and raised in Arizona, Alex will be wearing a beanie throughout the year, even during the 120-degree summers. During the “winter,” he adds a heavy sweater to his ensemble. Even though I make fun of Alex for his wardrobe choices, I will say that he makes a great companion when I drone on and on about snowboarding. For an Arizonan that gets cold in the summer, he certainly knows his stuff when it comes to winter sports. So Alex, you’re ok in my book, even if you are too shy to let me take a picture of you for this article!



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Raphael and the manufacturing team probably have the most vital role out of anyone here at the Bad Kitty® Headquarters. With care and precision, they make every piece of PoleFit® right here in Phoenix, Arizona. This crucial team is constantly working to fill each and every one of your orders. If you own a piece of PoleFit®, you can rest assured that one of the manufacturing team members carefully crafted it by hand just for you. To the manufacturing team, anything is possible! If you ask Raphael to make 1,000 pieces of PoleFit® by tomorrow, he’ll say yes. And then he will.

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Although we are based in Phoenix, Arizona, we do have three key family members who don’t spend each day with us here in Phoenix. In addition to helping create the PoleFit® line as a Brand Director, Mina Mortezaie is also our Los Angeles-based Director of Marketing. Claire Griffin Sterrett, our Editor in Chief, lives and works in Washington DC, and Pete Wendt, our Creative Director, lives and works in Maricopa, Arizona. We don’t get to see Claire and Mina as much as we would like due to their geographic distance (thank the universe for internet!!), but since Pete is relatively close, he sometimes swings by to offer graphic design brilliance, smiles, and plenty of hugs! Without Mina watching over our marketing and social media, Claire watching over our blog, and Pete creating everything that you see on the internet, on the blog, and everywhere else that is “Bad Kitty®,” our company would not be the same. Though remote, these three add incredible value and expertise to our operation.

That leaves me! I am Bad Kitty®’s token attorney, but I also do lots of other stuff like manage the events that we sponsor and beta test our new products. As a pole dancer and aerialist, I find the beta testing to be the most fun part of my job. I love snowboarding, yoga, hiking, running, biking, kittens, and electronic dance music. I wear my Uggs and my PoleFit® Foldovers to the office because I like to pretend like we get winter in Arizona, but I don’t like being hot while I sit at my desk. I’m basic in that I like all things pumpkin spice and selfies and fall, but I also play the bagpipes so I feel like that makes up for any basic qualities I may have.

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So, that is us! We are an odd little family, but we love each other and we love what we do! Like I said before, everyday is a little different, but what stays constant is our continual commitment to each other and to the pole community. On any given day, the machinery on manufacturing floor downstairs is whirring while Raphael and his manufacturing team produce new, made in the U.S.A. PoleFit® product. Even if Trisha is across the warehouse from you, you’ll be able to hear her laughing and talking. The energy is high, Tresnae always has music playing (most days it’s 90’s jams, country, or new EDM releases), and we are rockin’ it out! On a beta-testing day, you’ll find me hanging out on the X-pole downstairs making sure that our newest product works for an array of different tricks. We are a young and energetic company, and we work hard every day to make the pole community better and better!Final pic